The Toowoomba branch has the advantage of existing in the rich musical environment of one of the largest regional centres in Australia. Our members live and teach in areas from Kingaroy to the north, Stanthorpe to the south and Chinchilla to the west. The branch has around 40 members who teach music practice and theory on a range of instruments using a variety of techniques. We endeavour to foster musical development through workshops and student recitals. One of our permanent events is the “Charles & Motee Rogers Piano Competition” which is held annually.


Secretary: Joshua Schonfeld, Email:

PO Box 2054, Toowoomba Qld 4350,

Main Events:

1) The 'Charles & Motee Rogers Memorial Piano Competition’ is held annually in August - September in Toowoomba.

Established in 1982 by the Music Teachers Association of Queensland Toowoomba & District Branch, the Charles & Motee Rogers Memorial Piano Competition is open to young pianists who are residents of (and/or currently study piano in) Toowoomba and surrounding districts including Warwick, Dalby, Oakey, Pittsworth, Stanthorpe and Kingaroy.

The competition includes sections from Grade 1 to Diploma level. To be placed on our mailing list please email us.

2. The branch hosts various workshops throughout the year and these are open to members, non-members and students. Recent workshops have included a Composition Workshop with Daniel McFarlane; a sessions presented by member Louise Buittsworth on Teaching Piano via Skype including an actual lesson with her student in London; a “Sight Reading for Advanced Pianists”", presented by Dr Katie Zhukov of the UQ School of Music and “The Noble Art of Accompanying”" by Mrs Lorraine Fuller, one o four own local teachers. In 2012, we hosted the Alan Lane Memorial Workshops which provided quite a variety of topics for professional development. Other past workshops have included Composing, and Teaching Theory and Aural Work. Members also have the opportunity to participate in QMTA workshops in Brisbane through webinars.

3. Student Concerts are often scheduled prior to exams or the Toowoomba Eisteddfod. These concerts are held in an encouraging non-judgemental atmosphere to assist students in honing their performance skills.



We have three meetings per year where teachers can socialise and share teaching strategies. There are also a number of informal social gatherings arranged throughout the year.  The formal meetings are usually held on Thursday nights, 7.30pm. Our Annual General Meeting is held in January - February. Please contact us for further details

2019 Committee Members:

President: Paula Melville–Clark

Vice Presidents: Louise Buttsworth and Melissa Buccholz

Secretary: Joshua Schonfeld

Treasurer: Cheryl Reid

General Committee Members: Le-Ann Smith & Benjamin Andersonth