Tuition Rates 2020

These are the recommended minimum tuition fees. Add GST where applicable:


Private studio classes

  • Professional Member: $72 / hr

  • Associate Member: $62 / hr

  • Student Member: $52 / hr

Learn about Membership types.

NOTE: this is a recommended minimum only. A teacher with more experience may charge a higher rate.


The Australian National Choral Association (ANCA) has recommended rates of pay for choral conductors. The ANCA rates of pay were set in April 2017.

Conductor and Accompanist rates of pay and other information - Link


  • Group Lessons: $90 / hr (to be divided between the students)

  • Group Workshop: $90 / hr


  • Online Examination Invigilation: The charge for invigilating an online exam should not exceed half of the recommended minimum teaching fee per hour. (To be negotiated between a teacher and their client.)


  • Level 1 performance exams (Preliminary to Grade 4) - $50

  • Level 2 performance exams (Grade 5 - 9 & Certificate) - $70

  • Level 3 performance exams (A.Mus or equival & above) Fees to be negotiated

  • Exam rehearsals - $70

Further details (provided by the Accompanist Guild of Queensland)

Tertiary Institution classes

  • Tertiary Institution: $95 / hr